Business Cards

Amanda Garcia


1. Looks kind of busy. The colours don't really go together.

2. The card doesn't specify what service is being offered.

3. Boring colour scheme. Looks like it was made with a generic template off of Publisher.

4. Really basic. Doesn't attract attention.

5. Looks like it was made by a lazy amateur.


1. Shaped like a computer chip which is really clever because it's a web design business.

2. I don't know what is being advertised, but the colours are really bright and they attract a lot of attention.

3. The shape and theme match the business and it's really cute/fun to look at.

4. For a barber shop, it's really creative and not something you'd see often so it would attract business.

5. Very creative. Looks kind of whimsical, like something you'd expect out of a fairy tale...if fairy tale characters had business cards.

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