Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans: Four St. Margaret’s Locations

Hurricane Katrina created considerable havoc for many in the New Orleans community, devastating homes and businesses throughout the region, and forcing many to either relocate, or to undergo a long, difficult and frustrating recovery process. St. Margaret’s, a longtime New Orleans healthcare provider, suffered considerable damage as a result of from the storm, though under the leadership of CEO Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans, the organization persevered, and has since grown into one of the leading healthcare providers in the region.

Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, St. Margaret’s has not only survived, but has thrived, expanding its services to include two high-quality skilled nursing facilities (St. Luke’s and St. Margaret’s at Mercy), St. Margaret’s Hospice, and an assisted living community (St. Margaret’s at Belleville). Under the leadership and vision of Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans, St. Margaret’s has greatly expanded its capabilities to serve more of the community than ever before, all the while maintaining the same high level of service, care and quality the St. Margaret’s name has come to be known for.

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans works to provide patients much more than a mere care facility; he seeks to provide a home, an environment where residents can feel confident, comfortable and socially engaged. Every individual served by the St. Margaret’s staff receives the benefit of well-trained medical care and services, as well as chance to live a life of purpose, reward and passion throughout their stay.

Stansberry and his team work hard to serve the New Orleans community, and promise to be leaders in senior healthcare and services for many years to come.

Helping your Child Engage, Teaching by Example

We often hear that children are like sponges, they soak up whatever they see or hear in their environment and often imitate those actions. Since children often learn from watching their parents, we as parents should choose to lead by example whenever possible to help our children learn. If we want our children to apply themselves and give their best effort in academics or extracurricular activities, we too should act interested and become engaged in these activities.

Lawrence Stansberry, a New Orleans Healthcare Administrator, makes a point to be involved in his children's activities in whatever way possible, despite having an active career in the healthcare industry. Finding a balance between work and life, and making family a priority when possible helps teach children the importance of loved ones. Stansberry as sat on numerous parent associations in both academics and sports over the years to invest himself fully in his child's needs and interests.

Taking the time to teach our children outside of the classroom and to help prepare them for events and activities helps to build confidence. This confidence nurtures a desire to continue learning and growing in whatever activities they may be presented with in the future. Often simply knowing they have the support and love of a parent in whatever they choose to take on helps a child to try new things and put more effort into these choices.

Parents often hold the key to a child's confidence and willingness to learn and reach out beyond their comfort zone. Being available to your child, and setting an example by joining the activities through parent associations or meetings will help to show your child how to engage in these activities as well.

We can never foresee what the future holds for our children, but we can always help prepare our children for whatever may come across their path.

Lawrence Stansberry New Orleans

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