Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans: The St. Luke’s Living Center

Providing an effective, caring and compassionate medical care environment to those in the most need has always driven Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans, a leading healthcare professional and CEO of the St. Margaret’s organization. A dependable healthcare executive and professional for over 20 years, Stansberry is always striving to improve both the long-term and the short-term care experience for the elderly of the area, and to make it possible for everyone to receive the treatment and attention they truly deserve.

As St. Margaret’s CEO and Administrator, Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans is responsible for the operation, and continued success, of the St. Luke’s Living Center, located with New Orleans St. Luke’s Medical Center. St. Luke’s Living Center is a long-term, skilled care nursing home that provides an array of services, those alongside other St. Luke’s healthcare facilities that include the Seaside Geriatric Psych Hospital, St. Luke’s Pharmacy, Crescent Pulmonary Rehab, Tulan’s Heart and Vascular Clinic and more. This 130 thousand square foot facility provides spacious living, multiple indoor lounge and outdoor patio areas and skilled nursing care to every resident, ensuring every patient has the cohesive and comprehensive plan they need to live a higher, more fulfilling quality of life.

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans is proud to consistently maintain a high level of success, comfort and care at the St. Luke’s Living Center, which not only provides quality long-term care to every resident, but also such interactive events and activities as music therapy, arts and crafts, bingo, parties, off-campus field trips, mardi gras balls and more. St. Luke’s Living Center provides residents a dedicated professional team that seek to deliver compassionate care and support at such a critical time in their lives.

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