Torture camps in Yemen

For decades migrants from Africa have passed through Yemen to find work in Saudi Arabia. Since 2010, more than 337,000 migrants and refugees have landed on Yemen’s coastline. Since 2006 Yemeni traffickers in and around Haradh have found a horrific way to make money; by taking migrants captive, sell them and/or transport them to camps where they inflict pain and suffering to extort money from the migrants family members.

The fifth article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been violated. The fifth article states that no one shall be subjected to torture. In Yemen, traffickers are taking migrants and torturing them to ask them to call their families for money. They are also selling the migrants for profit.

The migrants were captured and either sold or transported to camps where they were tortured and forced to call their families for money. Yemeni traffickers will do what they have to, in order to make money. They will even pay the Saudi military to keep quite when they transport the migrants across the boarder.

Yemeni government officials accept payments to turn a blind eye to this torture. Many traffickers are well known in certain areas and when aid groups report the traffickers, police officers never go further into investigation. If traffickers don’t have a relationship with an official at a checkpoint then they find another way to cross the border. The officials would take the migrants money and give them to the traffickers.

Its seems that there is not much we can do, as citizens. We could protest and urge the UN and other organizations and political groups to end this torture. Other than that we can’t do much to help theses suffering migrant workers.

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