Rading  journal

Dear  Ms  sara,

Im  reding   a new  book  name  Athur  I  like  des  charecter  because  I   know  hou  to  be  nise  with  a  yong  man.One  day  athur  had a  terabel  day  because a tooth broke. He was sad because his friends left him in the ground.He  was  not  happy.He  was  not  okay   he  had  a  teribol  day   and  thy  techer  said  wat  happend  tow  you  Athur   and  he  had  blad  in  his  mausthe.Dan a  then  the  fathers  of  Athur  came  tow  see  wat  happend   tow  Athr   hi  said  that   som  of  his friends  douet   and   his  friends  wer seying   now  yuo  do  that  and  wer  fighthing  each  chader  but  athur  said  sou hou  duet.Hewas  ubsed.