people & land

Mesopotamia is a great land. It has many great features. Mesopotamia was a great place for farmers, because it had two amazing flowing rivers Tigris, and Euphrates. These two rivers had made mesopotamia so fertile and that's why it was so great for the people. People needed fertile grounds for farming. Mesopotamia had such big and fertile lands more people came there. When they came there they made food from farming, and when there's more food more and more people start to show up. When this happens it makes a government.  


When it comes to more people there needs to be laws, because then people could destroy such a place. So Mesopotamia's ruler the Sumerians had made the Code of Hammurabi. These were codes and laws that had to be obeyed. They were very important rules so important that they were literally put in a huge stone. The ruler had wanted to make it look very special so he made it six feet tall and had a carving on top of him and a god, the god was passing the codes down to him. It also made him look like he had been chosen by gods. These laws seem very important so don't touch them. They put these rules in the middle of Mesopotamia. That shows how much they care of there laws.


The location of this lovely place is between two rivers. This is actually what Mesopotamia actually means, between two rivers. These rivers are just for looks it actually has a special reason. For farming, the water makes the ground more fertile and creates great silt that is mostly why people had comes there. The location is very beautiful, and is just great.