Mobile Apps in the K-12 Classroom

A look at 5 mobile applications and their potential uses in a K-12 classroom

Art Set - Pocket Edition

Description: Art Set is an app by LOFOPI which provides a digital medium for creating artwork. The tools allow for the creation of artwork in various mediums and through various artistic techniques.

Example of Classroom Use: This app could be used in an Art classroom to provide students with experience in the digital medium. Digital art is very prominent, and this tool would allow for students to experience some of the advantages that come with that. It would also provide a mess free art session in which students could save their photos and upload them later to a server to share with the other students.

Chore Pad HD

Description: Chore Pad HD is an app by Nannek which allows you to setup, organize, and award various chores/tasks between users in your set group. Some features included are: An array of customization options, parental controls, and a trophy collection system.

Example of Classroom Use: This tool could be used in the classroom to provide for the management of various tasks performed by students. It could be used to handle/award homework assignments, projects, or attendance. The reward system used in the app could also be applied to real awards in the classroom to increase student incentive.

Description: is an app by, LLC which provides access to a working dictionary and thesaurus. This app also provides interesting tidbits on the origins of words and language, as well as Word Of The Day updates. Some features include: audio pronunciations, example sentences, translations, various font sizes, and the ability to save words for later use.

Example of Classroom Use: Having this app on hand for various writing projects and assignments would allow students to access the thesaurus for synonyms or use the dictionary to ensure they have the correct definition to a word. For reading assignments or in-class readings, students could use the app to look up various words that they may be having trouble with (this includes aiding them in the pronunciation of words).

Sono Flex

Description: Sono Flex by Tobii Technology provides an array of symbols & words which, when pressed, provide a sound matching them. These symbols can be combined to form sentences which can then be read out loud by the app. This app also allows for the creation of symbols and comes with a variety of voices.

Example of Classroom Use: This app could be given to students with disabilities which prevent them from speaking in a reasonable manner in the classroom. This app would allow them to express their ideas and be an involved member in the classroom.

Graphing Calculator HD

Description: Graphing Calculator HD by Appcylon LLC is an app which allows for functions commonly found on a scientific graphing calculator. This app also supports zooming functions and the ability to take screenshots and upload them through email.

Example of Classroom Use: This app could be used in the classroom as a substitute for graphing calculators in high school math classes. The screenshot function would allow students to upload their resulting graphs to the teacher for assessment. The app also supports video output, which would allow for the teacher to project these graphs onto a larger screen. The added zoom function is also useful for students with visual difficulties.

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