Open Your Lotus
& How to Meditate

with Laurel Hodory at LYoga Flow in Gahanna
March 15, 2014

Open Your Lotus – 1:30-3:30pm - $45 each or $80 for both

In the yoga tradition, the lotus flower is the symbol for enlightenment while living a grounded life. It's also the English name for the posture, padmasana, which is the recommended seat for meditation. To open the lotus posture, tension in the hips must be released while taking considerable care of the knees. You will learn:

• Which of the 6 key movements of the hips are involved in lotus;
• How to practice postures that expand the range of motion of these key movements;
• Modifications so that you can work safely and incrementally improve range of motion over time;
• Identify any skeletal obstructions.

Some yoga experience required. If you have a known knee injury, please be sure to include this information with your registration. For example, if you have torn meniscus, ACL, osteoarthritis, etc, and which leg. This class is highly recommended (but not required) as pre-cursor to the How to Meditate Workshop immediately following.

How to Meditate - 4:00 - 6:00pm - $45 each or $80 for both

• Do you feel like your mind never shuts off?
• Are you forgetful?
• Do you find you physically show up for things, but mentally are somewhere else?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone. Meditation can teach you how to control your mind so that you're in charge of your thoughts---and your thoughts aren't in charge of you. Imagine that every day our minds perform a mental marathon, yet we never train for it! Meditation is a simple, time-tested technique for learning the basics of mental fitness.

You will Learn how to sit comfortably; Learn 3 techniques to stop a racing mind based on the ancient teachings of the yoga tradition; See yourself progress in just one afternoon from scattered to calm and collected! No experience necessary.

Laurel Hodory, M.S., E-RYT500 is a senior yoga teacher, a teacher’s teacher and has been studying and teaching yoga since 1992. A former studio owner and athlete, Laurel is the founder of The Yoga Training Center and leads yoga teacher trainings, workshops and retreats internationally infusing them with her deep understanding of the body. Combined with yoga, Laurel’s resilient nature has allowed her to use challenges including childhood trauma, an eating disorder and injury/illnesses as the fuel that has propeled her towards her success. In her classes, her wisdom and insights empower her students to rise to the challenge of their own greatest calling. Her inspiring story will be published this January in Women on Fire: 21 Women Share their Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle). Purchase your copy now at

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