B.F. Skinner

B.F. Skinner, also known as Burrhus Fredric, is from the school of thought called Behavioral Psychology. Behaviorists are psychologists who analyze how organisms learn or modify their behavior based on response to events in their environment. B.F. Skinner studied the concept of reinforcement, which is an organisms response to a behavior that increases the likelihood the behavior will be repeated. He lived in the 20th century, 1904-1990. What went on during the course of his life includes WWI, WWII,, Vietnam, The Cold War, Kennedy's Assassination, Woodstock, The British Invasion, and the Great Depression.

Skinner was very important and contributes a lot to psychology. He experimented his study of the concept of reinforcement through his experiment of using a rat in a box. If the rat wanted food, it had to pull on a lever. Advances in technology from this time period could have influenced Skinner and his findings. If there were no advances in technology then he couldn't of had made his rat box with the working tiny lever.

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