Organisation Charts.

This is an organisation chart, its a good way of organising peoples jobs in order of authority. It can be used in workplaces and just about anywhere. (I had to use an image from google images as I didn't have an organisation chart)

Span of control.

Span of control is a term which is used in business management, Span of control refers which refers to the number of subordinates a manager has.

Chain of command

A chain of command is a authority where the top of the place and controls everyone below it.


Delegation is the responsibility or authority of another person to carry out a certain activity, it is a core concept of management leadership.


Delayering is the process of removing layers of people in the organisation chart. This usually happens to boost operational efficiency. Delayering usually removes the middle managers so the senior managers can work better.


Refer to where decisions may be made in a chain of command.


A process where they transfer and assign decision-making authority to lower levels of the organisation.