Non Traditional Career Day

There are occupations in every career field that are nontraditional for either men or women.

4 Main Points

Women Working On Cars

Boys Been Nurses

Girls Building Houses

Men Working For Human Service

Woman working Boy jobs

A women can do any job that a boy can do. a girl can be a wielder, architecture and many more. Most woman get judge for wanting to do boy things but that just make them want to try harder. its kind of cool to do boy things. you can whats its like to be a boy and work  on. and you can also be a type of girl that just don't do girls things.United Way's Women's Leadership Council recently sponsored Non-Traditional Career Day aimed to encourage girls to explore a wide range of career opportunities.The Women's Leadership Council is a group of dynamic business and community women leaders who are committed to advancing the common good and improving people's lives by taking a leadership role in advancing United Way's work, advocating for issues important to our greater community and by making a personal financial commitment

Men working on Women boys

A man can do any  job that a girl can do also. such as nurse, human service, and more. most boys can be called gay for working as women jobs but it don't mean anything. Human Resources Assistants compile and keep employee records. They record employee information such as addresses, earnings, performance reports, and other data. They may prepare reports. They have to thing like use interviewing procedures. use oral or written communication techniques. explain rules, policies or regulations. maintain records, reports, or files.