Social Studies Mobile Learning

Best Social Studies Apps for Middle and High School

Comic Life:

Comic life is a great app that allows you to make good quality comic strips easily. Any pictures can be inserted, even personal photos.

The main way I would insert this app into my classroom would be for certain social studies projects. To being with, in a Social 30 class, this app could be used as an option to demonstrate their knowledge of the events of the cold war. Hypothetically, they could demonstrate the major perspectives of the United States and Russia and events in other countries involved such as Cuba.

Another way this app could be used in a social studies setting is in a grade 8 for a small group assignment. For example, students in groups of 3-4 would recreate an event of their choice in pre-confederation Canada.

TopQuiz - Maps World Edition:

This is a great app that tests you on your world geography! First, you click on a continent and then it asks you to identify by touch which country they asked. For example, when you click on South America it will ask you were Bolivia is.

I would use this app for all of my secondary school grades. It is not only a great tool to get students learning the worlds geography, but its fun too! It creates a personal competition that motivates anyone to get 100% on a quiz! I would use this to help my students study for a geography quiz and as a resource for when students are done their work early.

National Geographic World Atlas:

This is a 3-D online atlas! It is just like a physical globe except you can flag places according to certain categories and at a fingers touch, you can get a precise measurements between two locations.

I would use this in all of my secondary grades to help with their learning of world geography. In the social studies 30 context, this app can help students understand the danger people in the United States felt when Cuba had missiles pointed towards Florida. In another context, it could be used in social 7 to display the locations of different aboriginal groups across Canada at a range of time periods.


This app is great for making notes or creative documents. You can insert photos, draw with your finger. You can create almost any for of document. It also allows for easy sharing to certain document sharing sites such as dropbox.

I would use this app for all grades of secondary social studies. I would primarily use this app in class as a note-taking option for students who don't like or have difficulty writing and as an option to create an assignment. For example, students in social 7 could create a newspaper for an event in post-confederation Canada.

Timeline World War 2 with Dan Show

Although a more expensive app ($9.99), this is a fantastic tool that provides extensive information about World War II.

I would use this app in my social 11 and 12 classrooms to facilitate individual or group directed learning about world war 11. The tool could be used as a single source for a variety of types of assignments. For example, certain sections could be used for short answer or fill-in-the-blank worksheets. In another case, it could be used as a single source of a individual or group research project.

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