Cleveland Cavaliers

Love is in the air...

PF / Center | UCLA (2008)| 24 Years Old (undetermined when playing with Uncle Drew)


  • Height: 6'10"
  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • 100000 PPG
  • 32948792837498234 RPG

"But wait," you're saying, "Kevin Love isn't in the draft.  I know the NBA has stupid rules in terms of video review at the end of the game, traveling, and not coating Dwight Howard with honey and sticking him near a fire ant hill; however, I'm pretty sure you can't draft a player off of an existing team."  But you can trade draft picks for current NBA players.  While there were many people upset with us getting the top pick, in reality it just adds ammunition to Chris Grant's arsenal to make a splash this year and deliver us to playoff contention.  He is a master of draft assessment (you can't honestly say you didn't ask, "Who the Sam Hill is Dion Waiters / Tristan Thompson?" these past couple years) and trades (see Jamario Moon / Mo Williams for a lottery pick plus Baron Davis and Jon Leuer for Wayne Ellington and Mo Speights).  The fact is that while every draft in every sport is a crap shoot, this year is an especially murky group.  The NBA draft is not the NFL draft where late first round picks routinely contribute to a team right away.  Getting one great player is far more valuable than getting three decent players.  Throw all of our picks together and bring Kevin Love to Cleveland.

-FACT:  Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are best buddies.
- FACT:  Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving will invent a time machine years down the road.  They have already traveled back in time to show their current selves how awesome of friends they are.
- FACT (I think...):  Kevin Love is not happy in Minnesota.
- FACT:  The NBA should seriously institute a rule allowing people to cover Dwight Howard in honey and set him near a fire ant hill.
- FACT:  A roster that features Love, Irving, and Waiters (I leave Thompson out because I'm afraid he may be involved in a trade for Love) is better than any roster we had between 2003 and 2010 and would be a very attractive roster for any big name free agents to consider next summer...

We have assets to make it work.  He's young, talented, and has a last name ripe for punning.  Bring K-Love and the special sauce to the shores of Lake Erie!

Similar playing style to: Kevin Love..he's a lone wolf

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