Biotic and Abiotic factors

Biotic: Arctic foxes, arctic hares, caribou, ermine, polar bears, etc.

Abiotic: Trees, water, snow, ice, sun,


Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity: The maximum population size of the species that the environment can hold with giving it all the necessary thing to survive.    

What does a population need to survive? Food, water, and shelter.

The Arctic Fox eats the Arctic Hare so the Hare has a very low population but, when there is not a lot, the Fox cant eat so the Foxes population goes down, the Hares population goes up because there is not a lot of Foxes so they cant eat the Hares so there population is higher.

Limiting factors

The Arctic Fox and the Arctic Wolf eats the Arctic Hare so that is a limiting factor because they only have a certain amount of the Hares so they cant have the same amount of population because one has to die because it needs to eat in order to survive.


Energy Roles

Food Chains and Food Webs

A Food Web can go to all the predator/prey and a Food Chain can only go to one that eats it.

If you remove the Arctic Hare the Arctic Fox and the Arctic Wolf will die of starvation.

Trophic Levels and Energy Piramid




The plants use phototropism to survive because the leafs face the sun and they need the sun to survive.



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