Be Seen and Go Green

By: Caiti H.

Think about it “No trees, no plants” that would be terrible! Just think how life would be if there weren’t as many trees around. But a man you’ve probably heard of named Theodore Roosevelt helped to save some of those trees and plants. That’s why I would like to nominate Theodore Roosevelt for The Robert Burns Humanitarian Award. Because, he helped society, through his self sacrifice, and hands on work to help the environment.


Theodore Roosevelt, known as teddy was born on October 27, 1858. Teddy loved to be active and would go to the gym every day. There was even a gym in the house because his dad had one built. As a young boy, he even began a sports or fitness diary, but because of his asthma it made it hard to breathe. He was persistent and worked hard to make sure he could still work out.

Love For Animals

Teddy LOVED animals and he had a house full of them. For example, he put snakes in water pitchers and even had a snapping turtle in their washroom. He even wanted to become a zoologist! He had a bird list and spent hours in the woods. Also, when his family took trips to the country, he swam, rode horses and even climbed trees. He was always moving and had lots of energy.

His Wife

In Teddy’s third year of Harvard in 1879, he fell in love with a beautiful girl named Alice. By November 1881 he was officially a married man. He really wanted to become a scientist but Alice didn’t like the idea of cutting up animals or the smell of chemicals. Teddy wanted to please her, so he didn’t become scientist.

Impact- Loving Nature

Teddy was a man who loved nature and he spent a lot of his time in the wild. Teddy loved being in the wild, no matter how tired, hungry or sweaty he got he stayed in a good mood. He soon realized that nature and the wild needed to be protected or it would be destroyed. He used a lot of his power to protect nature.As 26th president of the U.S. in 1901 he even turned down about 230 million acres of land and made it into a park! From Puerto Rico to Alaska there are wild areas you can visit now because of him.

Impact- Helping Nature

So, soon he began a program to protect the country’s natural resources, and in his lifetime they protected about 230,000,000 acres of public land. Teddy even kept fighting for nature even when Taft didn’t help even though he promised to. This shows he had courage and was persistent.

Impact-Rough Riders

Later, Teddy formed a group of men soon to be named the Rough Riders. He formed over 1,000 men to attack Spain for his country. He also did this to protect America’s honor because he says they attacked first.

Teddy was a great man of persistence, courage and loyalty. This is why I would like to nominate him for the Robert Burns Humanitarian Award. Because by saving the environment, in a way he saved us. Be Seen and Go Green!


Caiti Be Seen and go Green!


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