End Of Year Project


Alan Robles


14302 Two point Avenue




My goal as a professional is to become an electronic engineer so I can improve my skills and invent something that would change the world dramatically.


I went to Lujan Chavez, Sun Ridge Middle School, Puentes Middle school, and I’m currently enrolled in Pebble Hills High School. I was voted or known as the most helpful, creative and good with electronics in all the schools I’ve been in. Also according to my teachers I was an outstanding student with no complains.


I work with my dad at his store Dairy Queen by working with his computer to organize all his information and I also work with my uncle handling his computer software.


My skills are to be creative, helpful, cooperative, a good listener and I look to create new things

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

I would like to recommend Leonardo Garcia for a position you are currently offering for your organization. I have known him for three years now and he has been an excellent employee. He’s always on task and is always doing what he is asked to do. He has the required skills for that position he’s organized, creative, and has good communication skills.

Leonardo Garcia has experience on what he is doing, he never has to be re directed and when he makes a simple mistake he always fixes it. He is very helpful, an excellent person for the position you are offering. I am providing this letter of recommendation to show you how great of an employee Leonardo is, that position is for him.

According to the skills you require to have Leonardo matches every single one of those skills. I see that you require communication, creative, and hand on skills and those are the strongest skills Leonardo has. You don’t really have to worry about him not doing his job.

I highly recommend Leonardo Garcia for this position you have offered, he has what it takes for that position, and he’s always on task and does what he needs to do.


Alan Robles

Persuasive Essay

Talk to the people around you, look at how the world is today,make a change to it because who knows how much it can affect your life in the future. The world needs good people for it to be safer, and there would be no violence. In my opinion there should be good people in the world so it can become a better place.

        If the world had bad people there would be chaos everywhere. In fact violence would increase dramatically, people would be afraid to go outside or anywhere just imagine a world with no good people. Furthermore crime rates would increase and the economy would fall apart, not just that but think about your family and other things that matter to you. As a matter of fact nothing would be the same anymore everything you know would change. Don't let the world change be the cause that makes the world a better place.

        Good people can really change the world of how we know it. Specifically, many things will stop for example, violence which is a great issue right now, crime,abuse,bullying and many other things, a world without this is something we all wish for.  The truth is we won't have that but we can make it better by becoming good people. Many life's will change,families will change, the economy and society will change tremendously.

         Others might not agree with what i am saying, they maybe they think negative about the world. Those people might say that we don't need good people in the world instead we need bad people. In their point of view they see the world as being cruel and negative. Most likely they don't care about the world or what might happen to it if we don't take care of it.

         The world would not be the same without good people.  That is why its great to have good people in the world, everything changes,it will affect our life's and it will minimize violence. Be that one person whos willing to change the world.


Letter of intent

Alan Robles

1201 street avenue, El Paso, TX 22345 | (915)222-2212 | alantito@gmail.com

May 24, 2015

Francisco Arturo Robles supervisor

Electronic engineering

1202 Diamond Avenue

El Paso, TX 13456

Dear Francisco Robles:

My name is Alan Robles and I am very interested in a position you are offering in the company you work for. I myself have had 4 years of experience in the engineering program. I am very good at working cooperatively and I do what im asked to do. I know that engineering requires a lot of hard work, focus and those are my strongest skills.

I started out from scratch when I became an engineer but year after year I grew I became better, I worked with my father In Dairy Queen, he was the supervisor of two of those restaurants and I was the one who helped him fix his computer when he had problems. I earned my master’s degree, I did it because I wanted to have more experience in the program. Also I was one of the best engineers in High school.

I would be really happy if you would accept me into your company. I’m really looking forward into what lies ahead of me, into my future. I would gladly answer any questions you may have and I look forward into working for your company.


Alan Robles