R.L. Stine #2

Angelina's 3 books

I have read 3 books by the author R.L. Stine. I am giving a brief description of the books.


"Got Cake" (the Rotten School series)

Bernie Bridges thinks he is the most popular kid in the school, well that's all about to change. He finds out there is a "most popular rotten egg " page. The kid chosen is the most popular in school who gets a whole yearbook page that is all about them. Bernie's friend Leif Blower is taking photos of the winner. Bernie feels he has to be the one chosen. So he is doing everything he is capable of to get the title. He talks to his friends Feenman and Crench  to throw a birthday party for him that is the most awesome thing Leif Blower has ever seen. Bernie thinks Leif will declare him as the winner. Until they have a few mix ups with the party.

Characters :  Bernie Bridges, the main character. Feenman and Crench, Bernie's friends and the ones that throw the party. April-May June, she hates Bernie, Jennifer Ecch, she is the most powerful kid in school, Headmaster Upchuck, the headmaster and the shortest in height, and Leif Blower, the photographer.

Setting : This school is a boarding school so they work and sleep at school.

Theme : Trying to bribe, trick, and cheat people doesn't work.

My review : I would give this book 3 stars because the first 30 pages were used on the introduction. Also I did not like the plot in general.


"The Curse of Camp Cold Lake" (Goosebumps)

The story of how a girl named Sarah goes to camp. She never wanted to go in the first place, her parents made her go so she can watch her little brother, Aaron. Sarah rides to camp in a bus through the woods. She is the last one to get to her cabin, so she get's a bunk near an open window. She complains to a counselor and moves bunks with Briana, another girl in the same cabin. There are also two other girls in her cabin, Meg and Jan. She hates camp. All the girls are mean to her. She comes up with a scheme to pretend she is drowning so she can get back at the other girls. She fails and actually drowns herself. She has a "dream" that she meets a ghost named Della who wants Sarah to be her buddy, for LIFE. She gets rescued by Liz the "lifeguard". After her drowning, Briana, Meg and Jan apologize to Sarah for being mean. Sarah thinks things have settled down. So at the end she runs into the woods and . . . . . you'll have to read the book to find out.

Characters: Sarah, the main character. Aaron, Sarah's brother. Briana, Meg and Jan  Sarah's cabin mates. Della, the evil ghost. Richard and Liz, camp instructors.

Setting: Camp Cold Lake, a sleep away camp.

Theme:   Be careful of what you wish for and choose who your friends are carefully. 

My Review: I give this book five out of five stars! I love the plot and how this book painted a picture of all the characters and events in my mind. I love the twist ending and how every time I finish a chapter I want to read more.


"The Face" (Fear Street Series)

Martha was in a accident, but she does not know what it is. When she was in the accident she lost part of her memory, that part of her memory that held what the accident really was. Martha wants so bad to know right now. Adriana is always telling Martha to take it easy, but she can't stop trying remember. Aaron thinks she has to let it go and wait till her memory comes back naturally. Laura and Justine are also trying to help. Then one day Martha starts to draw a face. It's a face she has never seen before, or at least she thinks. She puts the drawing away and goes on with her day. Then she starts to draw the same face over, and over, and over against her will. Now she is seeing this face in weird places. You'll have to read the book to find out the rest.

Characters: Martha, the main character. Adriana, Laura, Justine and Aaron, are her friends that would do anything for her. Dr. Sayles, Martha's doctor and Ivan, the one that changed Martha's whole life.

Setting: The Shady Side School in Fear Street.

Theme: Be careful who you are friends with and be careful what you wish for.

My Review: I give this book 4 of 5 stars. It was good but not great. I loved the twist ending.

My favorite book is "The Curse of Camp Cold Lake", just because the way the plot was set up.

That's all of my descriptions.        :)      :)      :)

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