Badlands by: Patton

this is the Nebraska Badlands, it is a rocky place, and a dry place. The Indians used this place because it has high areas, and long wide valleys. The Badlands go into Nebraska, North Dakota,

Wovocas vision called for the native peoples dance, the Ghost Dance and wear ghost shirts.

One of the last known Ghost Dances was conducted on Stronghold Table in the south unit of Badlands National Park.

The band, led by Chief Big Foot, was finally overtaken by the soldiers near Wounded Knee Creek in the Reservation and ordered to camp there overnight.

A band of Minneconjou Sioux Indians crossed a pass in the Badlands Wall.

Mammoth hunters were in the Badlands more than 13,000 years ago. Mammoths were the biggest mammal alive that is why they hunted them. The mammoths came 1.7 million years ago.

Fun Facts

The Indians used high areas to find wondering herds of buffalo because buffalo was the most popular animal in the Badlands.

The Indians are nomadic so they had to live in tipis so they could follow the wondering buffalo and transfer their homes easily. They had to move because the buffalo would move at certain times.

Eroding out of the stream banks today are the rocks and charcoal of their campfires. Some examples of tools are arrowheads, thumb scraper, a maul,a shaft straightener that straitens the arrowheads.

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