By: Taylor Eddins

Uruguay used to be South Americas best kept secret but now people from all over are coming to enjoy Uruguay's prestine beaches.

Here is a map of Uruguay

Here are some basic facts about Uruguay

Population -3.4 million as of (2009)

National Language -Mostly spanish but some other languages that are spoken is portugese,Italian and standard German, and English is also spoken but it is spoken as a second language to most of the population.

Capital City-Montevideo

Type of Money-Peso

Uruguay's Neighboring Countries -Uruguay is a country on the Atlantic and its south of Brazil and it borders Argentina in the west.

Famous Places in Uruguay

Maldonado-Maldonado's most outstanding feature is that it houses the administrative pole of the famous city of Punta Del Este.

Punta Del Este- It's one of those places everyone wants to return to mostly because of it's beautiful beaches,and a perfect place for those who love sunshine and white sand ,clear waters,woodlands and much glamour.

Punta Del Diablo-The seaside scenery is beautiful embellished by an enormous amount of rocks round -shaped and emblematic tracks of erosion caused by the sea and wind.


One popular drink is Yerba Mate wich is a bitter tea.

Traditional food and meals

Asado con cuero -(barbecue skin/hide )

Chivito- a traditional uruguayan sandwich With sliced steak,ham,cheese,eggs,and mayonaise.

Empanada-a type of pie /turnover wich is commonly filled with ground beef (mince) or cheese.

Milenesa- beef (or chicken) that is crumbled or fried.

Morcilla Dulce- a blood sausage with a slightly sweet taste due to the raisons or walnuts being added.

Typical deserts and sweet things

churros -a cylinder like fried pastry filled with (Dulce De Letche) and coated with icing sugar.

Damasquitos- a apricot jelly candy.

Ricardito- a cookie (or waffle) base topped with meringue then covered in

chocolate.Now the meringue filling has a variety of flavors.

Pasta Frola- a quince tart made with (dulce de membrillo).

Arroz Con Leche- rice cake

Climate  and weather in Uruguay

Uruguay has warm summers that last from December to February.

Uruguay has crisp winters that last from June to August.

Here is a picture of the climate in Uruguay

The average temperature for mid winter in Uruguay wich would be the month of July is from 54 Degrees to 48 Degrees while the midsummer month of January varies from 79 degrees to 72 degrees.

uruguay has four distinct seasons,but does not have ice or snow it does however get 41 inches of rainfall per year.

Here is a picture of uruguay

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