Child Sexual Abuse

By: Janice Doan

Thesis Statement:

Child sexual abuse is the most unreported type of child mistreatment. In many cases children are threatened to keep it a secret. Many girls are victims to sexual abuse but boys can be too. Cases of sexual abuse have declined since 1992.

Information that I learned:

I learned that child sexual usually occurs more in girls than boys and that the offenders who have sexual abused children are usually close to the very victim and or related to him or her.

Important information:

Sexual abuse generally begins before puberty. Immediate effect of child sexual abuse may include thumb sucking,bed wetting,sleep disturbances, eating problems, school problems, misconduct, problems with school work, and failure to participate in activities.

How to address this problem:

There are many actions to address this problem but one way is to train future teachers, district administrators,ect. how to spot a sexual abuse case in their students and how to report it.

Why child sexual abuse matters:

Child sexual abuse matters in the world because children all over the world are effected by it. Without help these children can suffer from many things such as depression and thoughts of suicide. Also because these children who are sexually abused are the next generation, and that generation must live up to the expectations the world throws at them.

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