A Bad day for Parents - C14/15

WIK/What I Know

  • Tom's mom is sick
  • Tom's mom has a terrible cough
  • Banks don't have any money
  • Tom has $200.00
  • Tom's mom had dried cereal
  • Tom didn't want Larry to be taken away
  • Tom is really attached to Larry
  • Tom can't use debit cards
  • Tom can only pay using cash
  • Nikki thinks Tom is a great kisser
  • Nikki dad had a meltdown due to his layoff
  • Marietta's gas station is flooded
  • Nikki didn't care about her dad's criticism

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Tom is going to buy food
  • Nikki is bringing food for her dad
  • Nikki's mom took Nikki's bike to see her grandma
  • Nikki's mom is going to give medicine to her grandma
  • Nikki's dad criticizes her food saying its cold


Nikki's dad : Nikki's dad seems like a very self-centered person, who only cares about his work. Nikki's dad got laid off recently, so he is having a "meltdown" In my opinion, its seems like this is where Nikki is getting her selfishness.

Tom Harris : Tom is a gentle, careful person. His mom is sick and has a  terrible cough. So, he spending all his money ($200) to get good food for his mother. In all, Tom is a very nice person.

My Snapshot

I used this picture for my "Snapshot", because the gas station in Marietta is flooded, so this picture resembles that moment.