Computer Graphics and Animation

Session 1

In session 1 we learned about stop-motion animations. Then we created a stop-motion animation. We used two little toys and a camera to film, stop, then repeat that until up to 30 frames are done.

Session 2

In session 2 we took a picture of ourselves and morphed them together. The two pictures were put together into one by morphing. That is about it of what we did in session 2.

Session 3

In session 3 we made a jack-in-the-box using the Carrara software. We used a cone, two spheres, cube, and a cylinder. Then, we saved it and it was an animation of a jack-in-the-box.

Session 4

In session 4 we continued working on the jack-in-the-box. We added color to the jack-in-the-box and movement. It came out to pop out of the box.

Session 5

In session 5 we continued working on the jack-in-the-box. We added even more animation to the jack-in-the-box. We made "Jack" bend and twist once it popped out.

Session 6

In session 6 we made a 3-dimensional logo. We added color and movement to it. I put my first name for my choice.

Session 7

In session 7 we put all of our animations together to make one full animation. From the previous sessions we made a jack-in-the-box, toys, and a logo. We finally put all of it together in one.


A career associated with this module would be an Animator. An animator makes animations for things like video games, movies, music videos, etc. Since we made animations in this module, this career goes perfect. If anyone was interested in being an animator than this module would teach them a lot. You would already learn how to animate something which is a big step in being successful at this career.

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