Brighton beach memoirs     
                         By:Vanessa Gonzalez

The great depression

The great depression was one of the places where the economic was was very low.In the united states the great depression started after the stock market crash in October 1929.In 1933 the great depression reached its nadir.About 13 to 15 million Americans lost there jobs and some of the country's banks failed.President Franklin d. Roosevelt helped the great depression in the1930's.The economy not fully was good after the 1939's when the world war ll kicked Americans industry into high gear.

Colleges in the 1930's

The university of Penn has a tuition of $400 including the General Fee.  the Undergraduate School was for Engineering and Applied Science.the Full-Time Graduate Groups tuition was of $250 and what they study was Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.The Full-Time Graduate Groups/Professional Schools and Programs was of Dental Medicine with a Tuition of $400.the Room and Board are $520 and the text-books are at $35.some major differences between colleges back then and today are Longer time to degree,Community college explosion,better university, new technology,new books,more careers,and more money.the mascot of the university of Penn is a Quaker.

The cost of the gas back in the 1930's was 17 cents per gallon.The cost a Sliced Baked Ham was 39 cents per pound,Dozen Eggs 18 Cents,Bananas 19 cents for 4 Pounds.the cost of a 3 Piece Angora Mohair Suite with comfort thickness and beauty $108.00.

stan's apology letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim

    Im very sorry for what i did.i know that your a very good person.and im sorry for being disrespectful to you. Mr.Stroheim can you give me a second chance?i promise im going to change and do what you tell me and be respectful.but its up to you if you forgive me and let me work with you again.

  thank you for your time and attention. Im honestly so sorry for what i did it would not happen again. i wish i could get my work back and you can forgive me.(:


broadway show

This show is about When her father dies unexpectedly, graphic novelist Alison dives deep into her past to tell the story of the volatile, brilliant, one-of-a-kind man whose temperament and secrets defined her family and her life.The cost of the tickets are at $101.25.At 235 West 50th Street New York, NY 10019.Apr 30 Today at 8:00PM.

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