Computer systems


A laptop is a portable personal computer. A Chrome laptop has a screen size of 14'' diagonal HD Bright view. The RAM on the laptop is 2 GB 1600 MHz , the hard drive is 16 mg of SATA SSD. It is a wireless technology, there are 2 USB ports. The computer comes with Bluetooth and  comes with a 65W power adapter. The CPU is Intel® Celeron® 2955U with Intel HD Graphics (1.4 GHz, 2 MB cache, 2 cores). The operating system is Chrome OS. It also comes with a webcam and a full sized keyboard. It coast 249.00 HP

A desktop is a non-portable computer. The screen size on this desktop is,19.5 in wide and 15.5 in tall. The RAM on the computer is 16GB It is permanent memory. The CPU is  an AMD E-Series. The hard drive size would be 500GB. It is a windows 8.1 Operating system and has 2 USB ports. It has a  built in web cam an a network card. It is EPEAT Qualified and Recoradable DVD drive. This desktop coast 349.99. HP

In my opinion the laptop would be the better choice because it is portable and I prefer a portable devise over a non portable devise. The laptop has a Chrome Operating system and I prefer the Chrome over the Windows 8'' And all the information came from best-buy''  "same link as at the bottom of this page''

The printer prints 7 mp with non colored ink, and 4 mp an hour with colored ink with IOS . With a draft it prints 23 ppm with color and 28 with black ink.HP ENVY 120 coast about 249.00. The coast of replacement cartridges is about 15.00 to 30.00$. The amount of printout per cartridge is about 220. This is an inkjet printer. HP

The speed on this printer is up to 33 ppm. The paper tray complicity is 50 sheets per tray and it comes with two trays. The printer coast 229.00. The replacement cartridge coast about 80.00, and print out 23000 pages before needing to be replaced. This is a laser printer. HP

I would chose the laser printer because you can get more print outs. Also the laser printer prints out paper much faster than the other.I got all my info from this website.

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