A spreadsheet is an arrangement of cells in columns and rows used to organize, analyze, calculate and report information, usually in numerical form.

Balancing a checkbook:

Spreadsheets can help regular people and also businesses balance check books because each number has its own little space in the column and if done correctly it will add the numbers efficiently with out you having to do any work. This also prevents from any mistakes being made.    

Calculating car loans:

Spreadsheets help calculate car loans to make sure everything is added correctly so you can make sure you are not over paying or under paying on your car.

Student Grades:

This makes teachers an easy way to just enter grades and if the numbers are entered correctly the student will get the grade they deserve.

Household Budgets:

Spreadsheets help families in this way by making sure that families that stay on a budget for food and other household needs stay on the budget.


This can help businesses give their employees what they deserve in cash.