Gupta Empire

200 A.D. - 550 A.D.

The Gupta Empire contributed the Decimal System, the Arabic Numerals, and the concept of zero.The Gupta Empire (320 CE to about 500 CE). The Gupta Empire existed at about the same time as the Roman Empire. It dominated
northern India.


The Gupta period marks an important phase in the history of ancient India. The long and efficient rule of the Guptas made a huge impact on the political, social and cultural spheres. Though the Gupta Empire was not as widespread as the Mauryan Empire was in India, yet the Gupta dynasty was successful in
creating an empire that is significant in the history of India. The Gupta Period is also popularly known as the Golden Age of India and for the right reasons. The lifestyle and culture of the Gupta dynasty is known through the availability of various ancient coins, scriptures, inscriptions, texts, etc. belonging to
that era.

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