I Ran My First 5K!

For me, 2013 was one of my best years to date. I had so many new experiences, it was hard to pick just one to reign over the others for my #Kudos2014 post. Since I've become really interested in health and fitness this past year, I decided that talking about my first 5k would be fitting (no pun intended).

This past Thanksgiving Day, my family participated in the Hinkley, Ohio Turkey Burner Family Wellness Run. At a whopping 27 degrees on the morning of the run, you could say it was a chilly one. Through many steep hills (something I actually try to avoid when I run outside), patches of ice, and the cold temperature, all 5 Kuhars managed to finish the race in one piece. I may not have finished first, but I'm proud of myself for finishing the race without stopping to walk at all. Running is something that I've really come to enjoy in 2013, so ending the year with a 5k was only appropriate. I can't wait to do another, and hopefully improve my time! I hear The Color Run is coming to Cleveland in May.....perhaps I could use the $250 cash prize on registration fees? At any rate, it's time to start preparing!