I was born in thy year 1743. Though I don't remember it, I'm sure it was the greatest moment in history. The exact date t'was April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia. I was born into a rich family. My mother is Jane Randolph Jefferson. I enjoyed thy woods as a lad. In the year 1760, I left my old'e folks to set for the College of William and Mary of Williamsburg. It was also Virginia's Capital. I received a true pure education. From the years 1767-1774, I was in the law business and known as one of the greatest lawyers in our country. I fell in love with a beautiful madam during this time named Martha Wayne Skelton. We married on January 1, 1772 and had 6 children. In 1768 I was elected to Virginia's House of Burgesses. A year later I attended our second continental congress. In 1776 I wrote along with 4 others the Declaration of Independence. In 1797 I was vice president of America and President in 1800.

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3 years ago

How many kids did he have?
Who is his wifes name?
What years was he in the law business or a lawyer?