How to Create the Perfect Smoky Look for Your Eyes

Smoky eyes are a favorite among ladies for evening as well as day events. But though they look so sophisticated, creating that look isn’t rocket science. This post provides an awesome 10-step guide to getting that coveted look.

Smoky eyes are coveted by one and all. And why wouldn’t they be – there’s hardly any look more sultry and suave than a gorgeous, smoky pair of eyes on a lady. But did you know that though it may look pretty sophisticated, it isn’t difficult at all to do it on your own?

So, gear up for the party with the help of this 10-step guide to the perfect smoky eyes. Here you go.

Concealer: Apply all over the upper lid and to the under-eye area. Use your mineral make-up foundation for the best results. This step readies the eye for the application of eye shadow – our next step.

Eye Shadow: Eye shadow is a crucial part of the smoky look. So, you need to first prep a little more with some matte shadow the color of your eyes. Take a large brush to cover the whole eye and blend the matte shadow into the creases outlining the eye curve.

Grey outline: A dark gray eye-shadow is perfect for forming the base of the eyes. Use it along the slant of the upper eyelid. Don’t cake on too much, just enough to cover.

Light blend-in: Use a light shade of shadow – something two shades lighter than your skintone to blend the dark gray shadow. The light color will create a blended-in look for a natural, yet not too dark appearance. For smoky eyes, you need to look natural – too much contrast and you appear gaudy, too little emphasis and you will miss the mark.

Optional black shadow: If you are attending a soiree or a dinner gathering you can touch up the gray color with some black. Don’t forget to blend in with a lighter tone here as well.

Liner: Now it’s time for the quintessential liner. Use a pencil liner to line both the upper and lower rims of the eye. Those with small eyes should use it from the center to the outer corner. Those with bigger ones can line from one corner to the other.

Final touch: Take a shadow in a neutral tone and with a large blush, encircle the entire area and graduate outwards while softening the application. Be gentle. All is required is a little finishing swipe.

Curl lashes: Use an eyelash curler to make those strands all curved up and beautiful – just what you need to make your eyes open up.

Mascara: A generous dose of mascara to those curly lashes will make sure your smoky eyes look well defined.

Clean up: Ladies, make-up is a work of art. And after you have applied the master strokes, it is always needed to clean up the wayward powder that might have fallen under the eyes. Q-tips, fluffy brushes, and even Scotch tape are good options to whisk away unwanted stains or particles without hampering the look.

So, this was the easy way to get gorgeous eyes. Don’t have all the required cosmetics? NewU has you covered. You can buy all your make-up needs from here online.

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