Legacy #1

How I portray my self to my friends,family,and society's would be,whit my friends I am crazy funny caring and fun because my friends have commented how funny and crazy I am.When my friend are sad I cheer them up and make them happy. I am fun because I go along with things and make it fun. In society I portray myself as smart caring and responsible. I think this because I try my best to be respectful and responsible and use my manors in society. At home portray myself as a crazy, funny, smart and caring. I know this because my family is not afraid to let me know if I am behaving or not.


If I could portray  a different persona I wouldn't want to be shy or afraid of heights. I would like this because if I wasn't shy I could go up in front of any big group of people and be able to speak unlike being terrified to go up in front of a class of 25 people. I wouldn't want to be afraid of heights because if I wasn't I could do so much more like zip lining , go on  big roller coasters and jump off a bridge into a creek by my grandmas house.that is what I would chose if I have a different alter-ego.


I think most people see me the way I wish to be seen. I think this because the people that do see me the way I wish are my friends. The other that don't see me the way I wish are not my friends. I wish  people would see the same way as know. Because if I they didn't I would have the same friends as now and I like the friends that I have now. Some things that I have done at allan drive are. Counting on you, I am girl, school work, I went on the camp wanakita trip, I went on some day trips, I help with musical  productions, the biggest trip I went on the Quebec trip and that was a lot of fun.


I think my digital footprint is happy. I think this because when I post things it's not sad. For example Facebook I post things that are funny that make people happy and laugh. On Instagram I post pictures and I don't write anything in the caption and none of my pictures are inappropriate.on vine I don't post anything I just revine things that make people laugh. So there for I think my digital footprint is a good one

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