The planets in our solar system

By:Kyler Thomas

OUrsolar system is made of one star, the sun. But along with the sun, there are planets. The inner planets and outer planets.The inner, Mercury, Venus, Earth and lastly Mars. Now the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Our only liveable planet is Earth.

sources:My Spiral

SUN: the sun has many sunspots, solar flares and prominces

MERCURY: mercury is the closest planet to the sun and possibly the hottest

VENUS: venus is known as the morning, afternoon, and the evening star

EARTH: earth is the only planet suitible for life

MARS: mars is the planet with a dust storm for over 100 years

JUPITER: jupiter is the biggest outer planet

SATURN: saturn is the planet of the rings, with all the dust and space debre

URANUS: uranus is one of the coldest planets besides neptune

NEPTUNE: neptune is the blue planet and also the coldest, being the farthest from the sun


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