Ebola Pranks Gone Wrong

Ebola pranks

“I have Ebo (lalalala), and you have Ebo (lalalala).” You all heard of the Ebola virus last year thanks to social media. Most people don’t even know what Ebola is, but they all know it exists and they use it to pull pranks on people. They also created TV shows based on the recent Ebola outbreak. Social media could be used to educate people on the different issues of Ebola and how they can help in this crisis. Youtubers used the fame of the virus to make money out of it.

In this video, they used a CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) van and they dressed up in a yellow suit to scare people on the streets. As expected, the prank goes wrong, and someone called the police. With over 692 000 views on YouTube, they made a lot of money out of this.

Back in October, in a flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic, a black male pretended he had Ebola after he sneezed. He wanted to scare people as a prank, but the airline had to call the hazmat units in the blue suit to escort the man. Ebola is a serious threat and people died from it. The CDC Director Thomas Frieden says, “The only thing like this has been aids and we have to work now so that this is not the world's next aids."

In this video, we can see a man who pretends he has Ebola and he touches people to transmit the virus. Once again, he tried to scare people and the police got called.

In this last video, the guy wears a yellow suit and gets some interesting reactions from the police officers. We can see that the police officers are not aware of the virus. The video got over 1 million views on YouTube in less than a year. The video is also monetized which means that the creator Dennis gets money. We should use social media to help people in Africa and use the money Youtubers get from their videos to donate it to the crisis. Ebola should be taken very seriously. The virus has killed over 4000 people all over the world. Also, Ebola pranks can get you arrested so think twice before you play a prank.


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