Y8 Microbes Revision

Take a careful look at the checklist and list the 3 things you feel you need to work on most.

For your identified areas, use the sections below to improve your understanding. Take your time on each one and research further if you need to.

Types of Microbes

Make your own resource on your iPad to help you memorise these facts.

Diseases Caused by Different Microbes

Memorise 2 common diseases caused by each microbe...

Microbe Transmission

Use the diagram below to summarise transmission methods...

Physical Barriers against Microbes

How many physical barriers can you name?

The Function of White Blood Cells

Research further if you need to and add more detail to your checklist.

Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance

Watch the video to further your understanding, then add extra detail to your checklist...


We all know vaccination often requires an injection, but what does the injection actually have in it? Can you improve the cartoon below with more Scientific detail?


Check your understanding here...

Finish off by self-assessing again against the checklist - what do you need to prioritise for your revision for the test?

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