Robert E Turner, an Attorney out of Decatur GA, founder of Turner Law, PC

Robert E Turner Attorney Decatur GA is the founder of Turner Law, PC, which is a law firm that is based in the Georgia area. The firm’s reputation exceeds the boundaries of this metro Atlanta area as it is a leading and most trusted firms in all of the state in the field of estate planning and asset protection. As a successful lawyer for a period of more than 26 years, Turner has been noted by many in the community and throughout the state as a leader in this field. He has built this firm on the foundation of excellent service and outstanding legal representation. He has provided legal counsel for clients of all different types and sizes over the years. The firm has been serving the community for more than a decade and Turner has been leading the way all along with his background in business and law that has given him an advantage when dealing with clients that are looking to protect their financial futures. On behalf of their families and their interests, he continues to drive the firm towards excellence in everything that they do. Turner is known for his knowledge and experience in a number of fields including litigation surrounding estate disputes, elder law, asset protection, estate planning, special needs planning, special needs trusts and charitable planning for estates. He is also known for his excellence in the courtroom and was even noted for his successful representation of an appeals case that came out of the United States 11th circuit Court of Appeals and presented before the United States Supreme Court which he won on behalf of his client with an eight to one decision in his clients favor.

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