My House

My house is in Abasolo. It´s very big with walls purples. It´s has four windows in all the house, one in every bedroom. The house has one living room, one kitchen, one bathroom and the four bedrooms. My father and mother sleep in one, mi sister in other, mi brother in other and I  in other. Our living room is beatiful, it´s has three sofas and a coffe table. The kitchen is small, but also is beatiful, it´s has one stove , one refrigerator, one table, two cabinets, etc. In the house there are two bigs T.V. that my brother and sister watch every day. They can´t live without watch T.V. Also there are three computers, one in the kitchen next to the cabinets and the others two in bedrooms.

Maybe it´s isn´t a very beatiful house, but I like  

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