Civil War Journal

By: Beneath James the 3rd  

Day 1  

I Am Bennett James the 3rd my family has been in america for 6 decades.  my parents came here  from England. For years my  family owned a bakery in Boston. When my parents died I sold the bakery to a man down the street. I wanted to settle down in the woods some were so i settled for a small cabin is the woods 30 miles out side of the city.  I meet a girl one day 2 mouths later we were married. when the war came it came apparent to me that the war was my job in my life. In just 6 short mouths i was a corneal in the union army, i am  in charge of 200 men. and living in one of the only real bed in the the hole camp.

Day 2

person 1 - hey possum, those sheet iron crackers last night were nasty, the whole camp smells like quick-step.

Person 2 - I know!

Person 3 - Partly my fault…

person 2: hey when you got to go you got to go

Person 2 - Did you see that guy who got bit by a hornet? Yeah, old sawbone stitched him up real good.

Person 3 - I know, I saw it happen… The hornets were flying all around.

Person 1 - I’ve been through the mill, i’m really played out. I gotta skedaddle. (person 1 leaves)

person 2 - did you see that guy walk through camp he was as tight as wallpaper, you could smell the tarwater coming of of him from a mile away

Day 3

The days here at camp Cornwall seam to get longer. ever scene that new general  Mcallen. showed up camp has been a living hell all we do is drills fighting drills, bayonet drills, even marching drills. on a rare day that they were canceled. There would be chores  to be done I lucked out and got grade dude while other men had to do work around camp like cut down trees for huts.

Day 4  

Today  I interviewed a boy named Jeremiah he told me about his life during this war and all the hard decisions he mad when is mom was ill and when his brother left to fight and he stayed behind. I asked him if thought that he would even see his brother again. He solemnly replayed "i hope i even dream that i will see my brother again but i know the  cold had truth that i will never see my brother again"  

Day 5

roes are red

violets  are blue  

gray coats are gray

blue coats are blue

And that's the best i could do  

Day 6

        Camp has turned for the worst rations are thin, and when we get some it is no even responsible. They call it hard tack it is flour mixed with water. its not half bad when its only a couple of days old. but 90 % of the time it is rotten beyond compare. It is infested with worms and beetles. When I get time i play card with the men at the camp. I have bad luck but its still fun.  

My favorite food is a hardtack

  • 2 cups flour
  • ½ to ¾ cup water
  • Salt (5-6 pinches)
  • Mixing bowl
  • Rolling pin
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Fork


      Day 7

   Today we fought i was lucky not to get injured it lasted 8 hours until heavy rain stoked all the gun pouter and stooped the fight. even so deaths many died and even more injured.     it was an often occurrence to see a men with a deep cut in the thigh from a bayonet.  The old sawbone at our camp would just amputate the leg that was severed.   

Day 8

The war is coming to and end my platoon is heading back to Boston in a week once we get off the train. it will tack a few days to ride a horse to our cottage in the hills . By now the drills have stopped. And food is scarce because of the shipments have been halted to a stop. Before i right in this journal again  i will be in my house with my wife   

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