Tech Tuesdays:

Sharing ideas in technology

Below is the Schedule for Tech Tuesdays:

October 15: iPad Training with Sommer Reynolds- In this session you will learn the ins and outs of utilizing the iPad cart with your students. iPads weren't originally designed to be used by multiple users, which brings up several issues Sommer will address. You will also walk away with several lesson ideas using several available apps.

October 29: Authentic Writing using Blogs- Whether it's you- personally, or your students, everyone wants to be heard. The practice of blogging gives students, as well as adults, an authentic platform to write for a real audience. It gives meaning, relevance, and peer feedback; validating you as a writer. In this session we will be looking at student and/or adult blogging.

November 5: Knocking Down the Walls with the Collaborative Classroom- With advances in technology, students are able to go beyond the traditional 4-walled classroom and connect with students from other states, countries, and grades using a variety of tools and websites. We will be discussing several Global Collaborative sites where you can connect with other classes over various projects; as well as several tools you can use to do so.

November 12: Region 5's Mobile Mania Take-aways- Did you attend Mobile Mania this year? Didn't get to go, but wish you did? Then this session is for you! Come share one take-away you learned from Mobile Mania. If you've had a chance to try it in your classroom-great!... if you haven't- that's okay, too! Any tools, resources, ideas are encouraged and welcomed. Laid-back environment to discuss what's working for us as far as tech integration and what's not.

December 10: Learners' Choice- This session is intentionally left open to any tech topic you would like to discuss or explore further. Possibilities include: App Smackdown (bring your favorite app and share it), Epic Failure (what have you tried and didn't work and how can we learn from it?), Tech Miracle (what have you tried and worked brilliantly that you could share with others?), etc...