#trevizoeoy5 Resume

Name : Andy Gonzalez

Phone: (915)287-5321

Address: 5379 Royce Dr.

website: www.miss_andy.org

Email: shortcakee88@yahoo.com

Objective: To obtain in being a marine biologist I plan to help educate more students about biology, so with the knowledge I get from collage I plan to share it with students, and photography being in journalism and a flags coach .

Education: Lujan Chavez Elementary 7 years , Sun Ridge Middle 3 years, El Dorado 9th grade Academy 1 year.

Accomplishments: In 2014 I got an award for winning 1st place in the district for a photo I had took of my middle school  track team at the district meet. I also accomplished graduating 8th grade.

Experience: With kids I baby sit almost twice a month. with photography I took picture's for a little girls first birthday and I won the district contest and i am 2 years experienced in flags.

Skills: I am a really good photographer and good at flags.