the five layers of the atmossphere

by: noah hart

this is the troposphere. Where weather is formed is up to 16 km (10 mi) above the earth's surface.Storms take place in the troposphere,which contains about 75% of the atmosphere.The troposphere extends 8 km=(5 mi) up from the Earth's surface at the np &sp.

this is the stratosphere.It is where the protective ozone layer is about 16 to 50 kilometers which is 10 to about 31 miles.The concentration of protective  ozone peaks out  at almost 22 kilometers.

This is the mesosphere.This is where comets and shooting stars fly.It is 60 kilometers which is 31 to about 50 miles. Space junk begins to go it to flames at this point.

this is the is about 60 kilometers in the sky even though the air there is thin it absorbs much solar radiation.

This is the exosphere. It is about 640 to 64,000 kilometers.It is where air dwindles and the sky never ends.

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