Arnold's Grandmother Spirit

Kind, wise, greatest gift was tolerance, most amazing person in the world. Still hung on to the Indian spirit, speak to poor people's,  meeting new people's is the whole point of life. She loves everybody, and everybody loves her-she was powwow famous. Arnold's grandmother was a forgiving person; for example she even a better person than the lives ones she told them( Arnold, Arnold's mother, Arnold's dad) to forgive the one who ran over the car and kill her. She like a good role model because she never drink alcohol. He think she roaming around the afterlife. Arnold feel sad losing his grandmother but he think even though she death she still somewhere in peace and rest.

Poem of Arnold's Grandmother

Lovely and bright like the sunshine,

Clever with a good mind,

Loves to others, role model,  and forgiving,

Leave like the wind too soon to react to it,

Better person than even the death ones,

Missed by others,

Don't deserve  to go away so soon,

Mother, Grandmother, family

Crashing after a little accident

Life goes on right?

Nope that what people's say when they never experience the feel,

The break of a loving family,

Sun will shine after the rain will come the rainbow,

In my dreams you still here.

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3 years ago

This is a really lovely poem, Mai Yeng.

3 years ago

Thank you.