Tourism In Moose Jaw

Top 5 Tourism in Moose Jaw

This is the top 4 tourism in Moose Jaw

The History Of Moose Jaw

Moose Jaw was originally settled as a traditional settled Indian fur traders camp. A narrow crossing of the river, with plenty of water and game for food made this an ideal place for settlement. It was a winter encampment for both Cree Range, provided the valley with many a "warm breeze." The Cree word Moosegaw with a "g" meaning "Warm Breezes" is translated  to our city's name Moose Jaw

1; Tunnels

The tunnels were constructed in the late 1800's and early 1900's  so that building staff could move from one to another furnace going, without having to go outdoors in the frigid winter weather.  

2;Mae Wilson Theater

The moose jaw cultural center is a place where the performing and visual art flourish. It is home to the 420 seat Mae Wilson Theater. This new complex is bringing respected talent from across Canada.

3; Snow Birds

The snowbirds continue the flying demonstration tradition of previous Canadian air force aerobatic teams, which include the Siskins, The Blue Devils, The Golden Hawks, and the Golden Centennaires.

4; Temple Gardens

The source of our geothermal water that has made moose jaw world famous  was accidentally found in 1910 when a deep well was bored in an effort to locate natural gas. Despite efforts between 1932 and 1971 to make use of its water, the original well was finally plugged in 19

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