Element Wanted: Chromium  

Atomic Number: 24Atomic Weight: 51.9961Melting Point: 2180 K (1907°C or 3465°F)Boiling Point: 2944 K (2671°C or 4840°F)Density: 7.15 grams per cubic centimeterPhase at Room Temperature: SolidElement Classification: MetalPeriod Number: 4 Group Number: 6 Group Name: It is in the Transition Elements.  

Chromium metal is an essential trace element, but hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) is very toxic and carcinogenic.

Chromium contains the carcinogenic and mutagenic chromate ions.

Chromium can cause harm to the local ecosystem if poured into the water supply.

Chromium is from the Greek word chroma, color. Chromium is a steel-gray, lustrous, hard metal that takes a high polish. Discovered in 1797 by the Frenchman Louis Nicolas Vauquelin.

This is what looks like in a nature way. A rock.

This is diagram explains who much protons and Neurons

The Chromium is in group 6 the Transition Elements.  

Where can you find Chromium?

The Chromium can be  in  found Zimbabwe, Russia, New Zealand, Turkey, Iran, Albania, Finland, Democratic Republic of Madagascar, and the Philippines. The metal is usually produced by reducing the oxide with aluminum.

History on the Chromium.

Chromium was discovered by the French chemist Nicholas Louis Vauquelin at Paris in1798. He was intrigued by a bright red mineral that had been discovered in a Siberian gold mine in 1766.

What are other names for it to be called?

When it was discovered Nicholas Louis Vauquelin referred it as the Siberian red lead.


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