Nicolaus Copernicus

The Heliocentric Model


Copernicus was a slender, curly dark haired, large nosed individual. He was born on February 19, 1473 in Torun, Poland and died from a stroke that left him paralyzed on May 24, 1543 in Frauenburg, Poland. His parents were Nicolaus Copernicus Sr. and Barbara Watzenrode. They were wealthy and sent him to some of the best schools in Europe. He studied at the University of Cracow, the University of Bologna, the University of Padua and the University of Ferrara in mathematics, painting, astronomy, and law.

Accomplishment-Heliocentric Model

Contribution and Impact

Nicolaus Copernicus proved that the sun was the center of the universe. Seven axioms make his model and were included in his Commentariolus to give proof of his correct model. His model went against the beliefs of the Catholic church, but he stood up against them. Modern astronomy is based off of his model.

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