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I Heart Nashville

"It's a crazy town full of neon dreams"

Everyone should have a place that feels like home even if they've never actually lived there. For me, that place is Nashville, Tennessee. The people, the food and the overall vibe of this musical Mecca speaks to me like no other place on Earth. In the song Crazy Town, country artist Jason Aldean describes Nashville as "Hollywood with a touch of twang," and it is. In every restaurant and bar you encounter dreamers working for tips hoping to one day sing at the Grand Ole Opry (or the GOO as the locals call it). They're from small towns and big cities. Some sing touching ballads about hard times while others celebrate good times. And everyone has a story to tell.

And for me, that's the connection.

During one trip to a Nashville salon a woman giving me a manicure shared her mama's biscuits and gravy recipe with me (a family secret no more). A server at a new-age restaurant (note: no one is just a server in Nashville) invited my friends and I to a concert featuring he and his wife at a warehouse-turned-leather goods store. I swear they sounded as good as The Civil Wars. And at the Grand Ole Opry, a couple who had attended shows for 20 years let me sneak into their front row seat so I could see Keith Urban (my fave) up close and personal. I sang my heart out at that show (and cried like a teenager).

And I can't even sing.

Nashville is my passion, and perhaps one day I'll write a song about it. But until then, I'm going to head south every chance I get. 

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