Finding Themes in     Literature

Essential question-

•What is a theme and how do we find it in a story?


•Students will demonstrate the ability to find and analyze several themes in any given story

Mini-lesson activities-

•First, the class will discuss what they believe a theme is. All ideas will be written on the board. Teacher should guide the conversation toward the conclusion that a theme is simply what we think author's message that he/she wants us to take from the story and apply to our lives is. Students should also reach the conclusion that there can be several themes in one story.

•Next, the teacher will read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

•Then, the class will discuss the themes that they think Silverstein wants the reader to get from the story.

•Lastly, students will be asked to create a new cover for the book that portrays the theme(s) they think are most important. Students should be able to explain their cover and why they decided to decorate it the way that they did and what themes it is supposed to portray.


•The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

•Paper/ Colored Pencils


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