Intro to Greek Mythology

By Ivyla Zhang
May 20, 2014

Greek Mythology

          Greek myths are stories/tales that explain religious rites and such, and they were also told to make sense of natural events. Some myths had morals about proper behavior, etc, and some myths told of how things like animals or plants, or water and such came to be.



         Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, crafts/domestic arts, and war (she focused on military strategy rather than brute force, unlike her brother Ares- the god of war).

         Athena's Roman/Latin name is Minerva. Athena's special bird is the owl, and her tree is the olive tree. Also, she is the patron deity of the city of Athens. Athena had competed with her uncle Poseidon for the city of Athens. Poseidon created a saltwater stream and Athena created an olive tree. Because of this, she won the city of Athens.


          Pegasus was a white, winged horse in Greek mythology who is also a constellation. Pegasus a come out of Medusa's head after it was cut off by Perseus. Pegasus, fully grown, ran away wild, until one day, when he was tamed by Athena's Golden Bridle. After he was tamed, a mortal name Bellerophon rode him, and after that, Pegasus became a pampered horse with the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus.

         Also, Pegasus created a spring called the Hippocrene, which was made by Pegasus's hooves stomping on the earth. This spring became the Muses' inspiration/sacred object, and Pegasus became their symbol.

A Greek Myth
Bellerophon and Pegasus

         Pegasus was a beautiful winged horse who had come out of Medusa's severed head. One day, when Pegasus was drinking water in a stream, a mortal named Bellerophon came up to the wild, winged horse, and slipped Athena's Golden Bridle (which had been given to him by Athena) over Pegasus's head. This tamed Pegasus, and the two of them set out on a mission with deadly tasks, of with one of the tasks was to kill the Chimaera, a mythical beast with the heads of a lion, goat, and snake. After he completed all his dangerous tasks, he became full of himself, and decided to ride up Mount Olympus to visit the gods and goddesses. Zeus was not happy with this, and sent a bug to go sting Pegasus, which would cause the horse to throw off Bellerophon, and the former hero then wandered around the earth, crippled. Pegasus, however, continued on to Mount Olympus, and lived with gods and goddesses there, happily ever after.

Modern Day Connections

           Even though the Greek mythology came to be a long time ago, but it still has a connection with some things today.

           Pegasus is connected with things today. For example, this mythical winged horse is the logo of some companies, and many young girls dream of having a magical, beautiful Pegasus of their own (even though they sometimes add a unicorn horn to the Pegasus, but that isn't correct in mythology).  Below is an example of a modern day connection. (Rainbow Dash the Pegasus from My Little Pony)

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