Handheld Metal Detector - Accurate, Portable and User Friendly

Premium laser and processing technologies incorporated into x ray baggage scanner price allow users to quickly and accurately digitize parts at different locations. There are multiple system configurations available that can easily be taken on the road and set up at any indoor or outdoor location. New hand held laser scanners from Eastimagesecurity.com are of high efficiency. Now let's have a brief learning about handheld metal detector from Eastimagesecurity.

First of all, let's see the Key benefits of new X-ray security detecting system. Generally speaking, this X-ray security detector with premium performance is suitable for every inspection job. It has adequate scanning accuracy for freeform and feature inspection. What's more, it has high scanning throughput through fast digital data capture. It has robust design for use under all shopfloor conditions and ergonomic scanning thanks to lightweight housing and full operation control at your fingertips. See, this type of handheld-type detector is accurate, portable and user friendly.

The device uses backscatter X-ray technology, similar to the technology used in airports around the world to detect any contraband on plane passengers. As far as where the new X-ray security inspection system might be used, that question is still up in the air. Reiss said law enforcement officials could potentially use the handheld device to look at unattended bags in public places or airports. It could also be deployed into more volatile regions of the world. The lightweight, handheld device emits low-power microwaves on similar wavelengths to the new body scanners being rolled out to a number of airports. The microwaves reflected back to the device are picked up and analyzed using ‘neural network' technology, like that used in automatic number plate recognition systems. Working on the principle that the radar returns from people carrying a gun or knife look different, the weapon is identified, while everyday items the subject may be carrying are ignored.

EI-SC301 high sensitivity x-ray screening system from Eastimagesecurity is able to detect the metal with the principle of electromagnetic induction, simply operation, high sensitive, a tiny metal piece like a paper clip can be detected, with sound, buzz and light alarm functions. It can work continuous 24Hrs under normal conditions.

Main Features include

1.High speed detection response rate

2.Auto fault diagnosis

3.3 alarm modes featuring audio, vibration and visual

4.3 levels of adjustable sensitivities

5. Designed for Airport, Bus station, Metro, Port, Prison, Bank, Industrial Enterprise etc

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