The House of Secrets

I read the House of Secrets it's a book about mystery and action.

The book of Doom and Desire

This is the book of Doom and Desire if you put a wish on a piece of paper and stick it in your wish would come true. I chose this object because Dahila Kristoff, the wind witch wanted to rule the world, but her father made a wish. The wish was Dahila couldn't be within 10 feet of reach or it would disappear.

Kristoff House

This is Kristoff house. The reason I chose this picture is because a family moves into a mansion, but it is haunted. The house is named Kristoff house because Denver Kristoff built a house and he wrote books all day. One day he made the book of Doom and Desire he had gone mad with power and called himself the Storm King. Kristoff made tunnels through out the house in the walls.

The Wind Witch

This is the terrible wind witch also known as Dahila Kristoff.  She is a big part in the story she is the one  who banished Cordelia, Brendan and Elanor to her father's books a land of torture pirates, giants, pilots, heroes and  savage warriors. Dahila had told the kids to put a wish in the book. Her wish was Dahila Kristoff will rule the world.

Fat Jagger

Fat Jagger is a helpful,sweet and protective friend to the Walker kids. When the kidss were in danger with the wind witch he saved them. He never ate them when they first met. He just picked up Kristoff house and started carrying them like a waiter does with a tray. E

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