Internet Safety

By Alyssa

1.Never give out personal information.  

2.Do not meet your "friend" that you met on the internet any where without an adult.

3.Do not talk to people you don't know.

4.Create a strong password.

5. Don't post bad thing about other people on sharing sites.

6. Do not give out your personal information to any one.

7.Do not click on pop up's.

8.Don't tell people where you live or if your home alone.

9.You shouldn't post your picture online

10.You should never use you're first and last name for your user name

Internet safety rules are important because they can protect you from the dangers out there. And the dangerous people out there. Because there are bad people out there who pose as kids in chat sites and try drag in information from us like our phone number. Our age, address, if we are home alone, and what school we go to.