Dig into feminine strength: Tips for buying Casio baby g shock Watches

It's not that the rugged species comprise only male members; there are females in the species too. The Baby-G watch range was introduced primarily for them; that it became a symbol of toughness is a different story, albeit related to some extent.

The global success of the G-Shock range made Casio think of this equivalent; the Baby G-Shock is as tough, durable and functional but with a feminine façade. They are meant for any girl out there in tough sports. But then again, if you need a watch to wear during your everyday errands, the Baby-G fits in there too.

Get one if you like your watch bigger than small but smaller than big. The Baby-G has a brighter appearance than the rest, so goes with a large choice of casual clothes. The bright pastel colors cater to surfing motifs, so your home-wear can also be your beach wear. However, if you are a teen or a young adult, the Casio Duro will suit you more.

Now, rarity is an important thing with watches, so if it's a limited edition Citizen pilot watch, don't let it pass by. Limited editions are usually exotic, so there’s little chance that you'll find none to match your preferences.

It's known that watches, despite being practical items, are fun ways too towards making outfits more stylish and sharper. So think what colors you wear mostly; if it's white, lavender or pink, you'll have extra choices. If you are into neutral colors or want it to go with just sweatshirts and a pair of jeans, go for a Baby-G in grey or silver with a vivid, glossy finish. If your clothing is full of shimmers, the simple, wide - Citizen eco drive titanium models in matte-black, white and with gold accents will blend the uncomplicated lines together to bring out casual sophistication. Their molded resin bands resemble metal links and complement any shining piece of clothing you will be wearing.